Looking for a friendly, professional dog walking service that will take the best care of your best friend?

Here at Best Friends Dog Service our motto is

Happy dogs are healthy dogs.

We treat your dog with the same love trust and affection that we treat our own.

Great behaviour comes from having a great relationship with your dog. That relationship has to be based on respect and trust.  We promote this in everything we do.

We offer friendly dog training and walking services tailored to your specific needs.

Areas covered include Perthshire, Dundee and Fife.

Travel costs are not included in any of the prices shown on the website and will be agreed separately where applicable.

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Our Services

Caring for your dog

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    In our hectic busy lives it can be difficult to give our dogs the exercise they need. Lack of exercise can lead to anxiety, boredom and behavioural problems. Some types of dogs require more exercise and stimulation than others and can become ill if cooped up in the house or left on their own for long periods of time.

  • Best Friends Dog Services

    A happy anxiety free dog is one that knows what's expected of it. Getting your dogs attention and teaching it new things can be difficult especially in group situations. Your dog me be easily distracted by other dogs in a group situation making you and your dog feel frustrated and inadequate.

  • Best Friends Dog Services
    Home Visits

    You may have walked your dog in the morning and are planning to walk him again at night but are just away too long during the day and need someone to check in during the day. Home visits are perfect for this scenario.


What our clients have said about us

"I can't recommend Millie enough as a dog behaviour expert! She has worked with us to help our little boy Boris, who was attacked by another dog. He went from being a confident, happy young man to a nervous wreck, unable to look at or approach any other dogs, he would even scream with fear just to be taken outside for the toilet! Millie's approach has been about helping Boris to find his confidence again, guiding us with one-on-one sessions, personalised worksheets and teaching Boris with a patient, compassionate approach in environments that Boris feels safe in. She even tailored the training to fit around personal disabilities. He is well on the way to becoming his old self again! He is happy to roam in the park with his friends (dog and human) and has rediscovered that playing is more fun than fear. Millie is a natural at this, she is very good at reading Boris' body-language and being able to interpret this to help us understand how he is feeling and who he is."
- Karin Ulbrich
"Hello I'm the proud owner of Brook and I would like to say Millie has done wonders for a puppy that had issues. I don't get out much which meant Brook was a little stir crazy. Millie was introduced to me by Claire the love of my sons Liam's life and I'm so glad we met. Millie took a lot of time to reassure me that what we were embarking on was the right road for Brook. She gave guidance on my behaviours towards the dog i.e appropriate interaction rewarding good behaviours and actions. I was very impressed by the level of professionalism from Millie towards both myself and my pet. I was grateful with her patience and tolerance. Millie was flexible enough for me to feel comfortable that I was under little pressure although I do get told off for giving Brook the occasional biscuit. Brook was so timid she would hide under my chair and rarely left the reassurance of my touch and voice. Millie taught her that it was ok to go away and have fun with other dogs, people and areas that were unknown to her. I knew Brook was a clever wee dog and that is shown in the way she listens and interacts. I Thank Millie for this. They have a brilliant relationship which I hope will continue for years to come. Its a delight to see Millie and I really enjoy our chats and cups of tea and look forward to a future with my happy dog and very clever new found friend. Thank you Millie. your the best. x"
- Caroline Stewart


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