Dog Walking

In our hectic busy lives it can be difficult to give our dogs the exercise they need. Lack of exercise can lead to anxiety, boredom and behavioural problems. Some types of dogs require more exercise and stimulation than others and can become ill if cooped up in the house or left on their own for long periods of time.

Unexpected life events may get in the way of you looking after or exercising your dog properly.

Here at Best Friends Dog Services we work with you to create a schedule that suits your dog, your budget and your circumstances.

Solo Walks

Yes dogs are pack animals but that doesn’t mean they want to socialise with every dog they meet. Some dogs just want to be by themselves others feel intimidated making them  nervous anxious and defensive when they are in a group. Older dogs sometimes can’t be bothered with group dynamics or younger dogs and puppies can be too demanding in a group environment.

After operations, during periods of recuperation its more appropriate to walk a dog on its own as over excitement , overstimulation and over exertion may stall the healing process.

We have a number of routes we follow some of them off  the beaten path, so your dog can enjoy himself without having to worry about any distractions.

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Group Walks

Group walks are for the socially savvy dog where they can have a run, play and share the latest doggy gossip.  To get the most out of these sessions all dogs are temperament matched to ensure they get along and enjoy their time together.

Group walks may require some travelling during pick up and drop offs. We will always make sure the dogs get their full hour of shenanigans.

We have a number of group walk routes that are safe for the dogs to run free on. These routes are away from public spaces, clear of traffic and away from livestock.

Full information is available on request.

Limited spaces are available. Early booking essential.

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Socialisation Walks

Socialisation walks are for dogs with minor issues that would benefit from some gentle controlled exposure to new people, dogs, places and things.

These walks are limited to a maximum of 4 dogs per session. That way the dogs get the right level of attention and the right amount of time they need to learn how much fun these new things can be.

With the help of up to date training methods and some fairly amazing dogs, who have overcome issues of their own, your dog will learn the joy of being a dog.

Limited spaces are available. Early booking essential.

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