Home Visits

You may have walked your dog in the morningĀ  and are planning to walk him again at night but are just away too long during the day and need someone to check in during the day. Home visits are perfect for this scenario.

Puppies are too young and way to playful to be left alone for long periods.

Your dog may be post op and unable to go out of the house.

You may own an elderly dog who isn’t getting around as well as he or she used to.

Maybe you’re out for the evening and want someone to pop in and check your dogs ok.

Or maybe you just want regular company for your dog.

That’s where home visits come in. We can visit with your dog for half hour or one hour slots. Go for a play in the garden or play brain games around the house. Whatever the reason we’ll make sure your dog has a ball…

All aspects of this service are tailored to your specific needs.

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